Hi, my name is Helen, and I’ve been on a journey for as long as I can remember toward health and wellness. My relationship with food has been a turbulent one. Once when I was seven, I ate so much at a family friend’s cookout that I threw up. The last straw that did it was lemon squares. Once I finished, I didn’t tell anyone what had happened, but I went back and ate another lemon square or two!

I’m not bulimic because I hate throwing up. I’m not anorexic, because I can’t break up with food. I’m not obese because I set very strict food guidelines for myself. But I have struggled with my weight in the past, and with binge eating for my entire life.

I’m 32, and just now at a point where I don’t despise myself and my body. Here I’ll talk about food. Different dietary theories. Cleansing the body. The dreaded E word (exercise). Self love. I’m doing this because I hope I can help someone else who has these struggles. It’s very common and no one should feel alone when it comes to these type of issues.

Please email me with any questions, comments or concerns. I am here to help.